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Thread: Shout-out to Yonge North Mitsubishi (Toronto/Richmond Hill): Thanks Grace!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fummins View Post
    Wow, that's nice. Glad to hear you found a good Mitsubishi dealer in Canada.
    The last dozen or so times I deal with the mitsu dealer is less than pleasant to say the least.
    Well, unlike you, I didn't actually have any wrenching done - I just dealt with the service desk. Hopefully they're as good out back as they are up front!


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    I have no good things to say about the people at the service desk either. Especially when the service idiot retardedly told me I "had better be buying spark plugs from the parts counter cause that's what's wrong with that car" as I stood at the parts counter explaining to the parts counter idiot that Mirages do in fact have filters in the cvt. Sadly they're the dealer that sold my car originally lol

    Hopefully they clean house and start with fresh staff, just in case I need to step foot in there again.
    I don't want to sour your thread, I'm sure there are lots of good dealers out there. You mostly only hear about the bad ones rarely about the good one. It's nice to hear good things once in a while!
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    Hey, my first '14 was weird in that it was first sold, to me, in October of 2106, nearly 3 full years after the build date. That seems pretty common. I'd like to know the story behind it.

    Anyway, Richmond Hill Mitsu is fantastic. I agree 100%. When I was first looking to buy they did everything they could to locate a car that I would be happy with in terms of price, features, color, and so on. Why they, Richmond Hlill didn't get the '14 I bought is a mystery. I did uncover the dealer I bought from got 5 brand new SE trim '14s in late 2016.

    If anything serious happens to my '17 I'll find a way to have Richmond Hill service it. I'm not thrilled with my closest dealer. They, the service dept., seem really helpful, maybe they are, but the front end folks are lacking, severely. They lost their best person 2 years ago.

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