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Thread: What's the most gas you've ever filled in your Mirage?

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    be nicer

    FYI, I just deleted a bunch of posts from this thread.

    It appears we may have to add this topic to the "VERBOTEN" list along with: politics, religion, global warming, Covid, and which restaurant has the best chicken nuggets/tenders. (Crap, I just made myself hungry.)


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirk Diggler View Post
    If your at the pump and you click on the metal tab that lets you pour gas without squeezing the handle and just let it pour until it clicks off, is that overfilling or topping off? Should I not do that?
    No you're fine.

    There aren't any hoses connecting the charcoal canister(which is located to the rear of the fuel tank under the spare tire) directly to the fuel tank. The Charcoal Canister has 3 hoses.

    -One on the vent solenoid that vents into a hole in the frame(to atmosphere),
    -one little hose goes up to the engine compartment
    - the last hose goes to the filler neck. Up high, well above the top of the fuel tank.

    So, if you fill your tank to the top and continue to keep filling until it won't burp down any longer(which would take forever) then keep on filling it until fuel it at the top of the filler neck you could probably manage to get some fuel into the charcoal canister.


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    I always fill my tank till I can see the fuel in the filler neck and have for over 40 years without ruining a charcoal canister. I once put slightly over 14 gallons in an '88 Ford Escort that the owners manual stated had a 12.9 gallon tank and the car was still running when I pulled up to the pump. The owners manual for my Versa says it's got a 10.8 gallon tank but when I fill it I can always go well over 100 miles before I lose the first LED display bar on the fuel gauge which tells me I must be filling about 2 gallons above the float.

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