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Thread: Will the highest mile/km CVT owner please stand up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Top_Fuel View Post
    I just went out to KBB and read some of the reviews (which are mostly positive).

    You can tell that multiple people from this forum have posted reviews there. You only need to read a few sentences of some of the reviews and you will say to yourself "Hey...that's gotta be <fill in name here> from the mirageforum!" reviews are positive overall. The customer ratings are usually higher than most of the top 10 selling vehicles they lists.

    When I first considered the Mirage, & reviews helped erase the negative professional car reviews for me. I said this before, but the Space Star reviews are more realistic.

    The Mirage like any vehicle has its shortcomings, but it is surely affordable, reliable, and economical.

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    I bought my mirage brand new in summer of 2015, ES with the CVT. I currently am just shy of 140,000 miles, Iíve changed the serpentine belt once, battery twice, tires three times now, spark plugs changed once, CVT fluid changed three times so far, and oil changed roughly every 4000 miles. Iíve used it in the past for security patrol, pizza delivery, and door dash. Iíve idled the car for over 1000 hours ever since Iíve had it while at work sites that require me to sit in my car (security post/observation/stakeout) the car is best up to hell and smells like cigs, but I figure as long as I change the fluids regularly enough and keep her road legal, Iím good. I will let this forum know if my CVT goes out. If it lasts past 200k miles Iím getting a new mirage, since itís basically the same but with a a facelift

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