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Thread: Weird starter noise when started up this morning.

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    That rumbly running on startup reminds me of a partial-flood condition. I've had that.

    Maybe that's what you had today? Just wondering.


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    This morning I heard what I think you were hearing. Driver started a car and the belt just screamed for about 5-10 seconds then went quiet. Then a minute later screached again for a bit. Tightened the belt up and all is good now.

    Starters usually last a long time in these cars. The ones I did change obviously didn't have the highest mileage. The first one was 2 years ago on a 2015 at just under 60k miles. The battery was weak so that helped kill it fast, along with dim driver. I can't remember what mileage the other 1 or 2 had that I changed. We don't have many cars with less than 100,000 miles on them and I've only changed 2-3 starters that I recall.

    Start and stopping every few seconds will usually flood the car out if its cold. It's harder to do but not impossible if its warmed up already.
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    Pardon me Mr. Fummins


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    Thank you Eggman and Fummins for the input. Yeah, I've started on way colder days than today. It has been raining incessantly for a week though. I've never dealt with a flood or partial flood issue. Here's hoping its just a hiccup. Otherwise the car has been fantastic ubering.

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    i sometimes get this when the car not been used for more than 3+ days in the garage
    just put it down to being damp in the garage or condensation on the belt that slips when first started
    after not being used

    Car fine the rest of the day

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