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Thread: I wish they sold 2020 Mitsubishi L200 small Pickup Truck in Canada/USA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dodge Aries K View Post
    Even though they say no, there are hitches for the mirage and with a stick I don't see why a small trailer would hurt it any.
    I have a hitch on mine and use it for carrying motorcycles in the trailer - no problems.

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    That's a big old truck, and would be good for hauling around classic cars. I just don't haul anything, and I hate moving, and helping people move. That's half the reason why I will never buy a truck.

    I feel a very small trailer for my Mirage definitely wouldn't hurt anything, and would come in handy. However, there are drawbacks. Mostly don't need it, and anyways eventually I'm going to buy a riding lawnmower, and use that around town for stuff. Get a genuine accessories trailer for my economy level Deere rider.

    It's a cliche, but it's true that hatchbacks are practical cars. I get a ton of stuff in my Mirage with the back seats folded down.

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