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Thread: Neglecting a car you're getting rid of

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    Neglecting a car you're getting rid of

    Not Mirage specific, but what if you have a car between 150,000 and 200,000 miles and you intend to replace it when the next major problem pops up. Say you reach 200,000 miles and it is due for fluid changes, tires, spark plugs etc. Do you forgo the service and just run it till it dies, or do you maintain it for resale (knowing you'll never recoup the cost) or for gifting? I keep my vehicles a long time and just wondering at what point to stop putting money into it.

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    Depends on what you're trying to sell.....I personally couldn't care less when buying a used vehicle whether it needs an oil change, tires or is due for a transmission service and I wouldn't pay more if it didn't need those things. If the tires are totally trashed and show obvious signs of uneven wear I'd consider replacing them with a set of used ones from craigsist or where ever.
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    Economics period would sell as is.... Why spend money on repairs and upkeep for someone else to enjoy after you sell it and believe me I've seen cars with stellar bodies and truly kept up mechanical sell for not much more then a car with body work or questionable histories. The exception would be safety items brakes, lights, etc. to get to the point of sale.

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