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Thread: Even Fancier Metro (Mirage #2) :: 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage SE? (Garage entry)

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    Even Fancier Metro (Mirage #2)
    Mirage SE?

    This is the second "AS-IS special" Mirage I've bought from a new car dealer that didn't want anything to do with the car.

    This one was traded at an Ottawa Chrysler/Jeep dealer with 147,000 km on the odo (~91k miles). It sat on their lot for 11 months before they finally lowered the price to a non-delusional number.

    Bought for $2900 + tax.


    Carproof report shows $1500 collision repair in 2016. I can see evidence of bodywork (faint sanding marks beneath the paint) on the left rear quarter and the back of the left rear door. The left side of the car was re-sprayed front to back. Paint quality is decent & the colour matches well.

    Came with Hidden Hitch

    Driver's floor mat worn right through! The other 4/5 seating positions are near mint condition (mats, carpet & seats).



    OEM block heater



    Summer tires on OEM alloys: 175/65R14 Michelins, nearly worn out.

    Winter tires on steelies: 175/65R14 Michelin X-Ice, lots of tread left.

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