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Thread: Removing the HVAC Panel - Hunting for Squeaks

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    Question Removing the HVAC Panel - Hunting for Squeaks


    I was searching the forum for how to remove the HVAC panel / Radio panel, and I see that the Radio panel clip is reachable from the glove box once removed, then just pull the radio out with some tools to not damage the plastic (and don't yank on all the cables too hard).

    The HVAC panel (Manual in my car) has squeaked for as long as I can remember, just sounds like plastic rubbing together (from the HVAC panel & dash plastic), pushing in on it with my hand stops the noise, so I wanted to put some rubber stripping or something to end the squeaks once and for all!

    Question though, after the radio panel / unit is removed, what needs to be done to remove the HVAC panel?

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    Pry the upper dash vent panel off, use a plastic tool if you have. Radio is held in with a couple screws deep in the dash, need long Phillips to remove. Heater controls themselves are a pita if you have manual controls. I've only removed them on cars that didn't need to go back together but I recall it being easier to just unhook the cables at the heater box than to try and mess with removing them from the control panel with no room to work.

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