Hello, My friend's car has all the wiring needed for cruise except his car's brake switch connectors comes with only 2 wires. I got it connected to the ECU using improvised pins and all connections are 100% working. Its connected to pin 121 on the ECU and gives off 12V when the pedal switch is not depressed. I already checked everything;, clockspring, Cruise connection to ECU, and already did the Programming in ETACS. The only thing i havent checked is if the clutch switch is connected to the ECU the way its shown in the diagrams. My guess is that since the brake signal is not required for the manual system, something in the program is disabled hence only two wires instead of 4. Another thing is that maybe the clutch switch is not wired for cruise as well. In WALEEDMANGO's post ive seen about the difference of EU and US wiring diagram. Though they have the same postion, the pin numbers are different. I assumed there are small difference in the wiring. If someone can share a 2017 wiring diagram i would really appreciate it.