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Thread: Rear brakes lube points.

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    Rear brakes lube points.

    Checked the rear brakes on my 2014 (68k miles) and shoes are at 2.8mm at its thinnest point. Drums are nice and smooth on the inside.
    Sprayed everything with brake clean and blew everything with compressed air.

    Without removing the shoes which contact points can I lube? Sorry for the rookie question -- been a long time since I have to deal with drum brakes.

    Also is it to advisable add anti seize on the hub nut to get the proper torque reading?

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    Check the photos in this post. Cobrajet shows where he put some lube on some of the contact points on that backing plate. You might be able to pull on the shoes and get a little grease in there...but if not, don't sweat it. You don't want to get grease on the brake shoes.

    As for the hub nut, if the threads are clean just put it back on and torque it as described here. That's a special "self-locking" nut and you probably don't want to use anything (like anti-seize) the might cause you to over-torque it.

    When you come across fasteners that need to be torqued and you aren't sure if anti-seize will affect the torque required to tighten them, I will grab my tube of ARP Assembly Lube. This will provide some anti-seize function for you, but will not affect the torque rating of the fastener being tightened. But for your hub nuts, you are good just slapping them back on and torquing them properly.

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