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Thread: Precautions in your Mirage during Covid

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    Precautions in your Mirage during Covid

    Thought it would be a good topic to discuss...

    Have a family member at high risk for Covid so we take all the precautions as information is thrown at us daily and sometimes conflicting we are trying to be very cautious.

    Every time driven sanitize interior touch points in car. Ex. if driver only just drive side, etc...

    Weekly, Deep clean and sanitize all touch points, and clean areas where packages and groceries go...

    Weekly, Wash vehicle and focus on exterior touch points. Especially door handles, trunk, and gas filler...

    There was an article about Covid spreading on shoes so I clean the mats weekly and let them air outside and occasionally wash the mats with soap and water.

    Also dont forget to sanitize keys!

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    If it's for Covid you can skip all weekly tasks. The virus doesn't survive that long.


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    We wipe down all touch surfaces of our driver's ed cars between lessons. Steering wheel, turn signal and wiper levers, rear-view mirror, all of the mirror and window controls on the door, door handles inside and out, seat back adjuster, seat height adjuster, seat forward adjuster, handbrake and seatbelt buckles.

    My car is the cleanest it's ever been! At least those parts.

    I agree, this virus doesn't last more than 3 days on surfaces. And I really don't expect it lasts more than 24 hours inside a hot car if it's out in the sun.

    Just wipe stuff down with disinfectant (we use alcohol), and wear masks. That's about the best you can do short of just not riding in the same car.

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