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Yeah, since you quoted me I was certain that you were addressing me.

Ok then! Time to leave Scotty alone again.
In all honesty, I don't watch Scotty that much any more myself. He sort of says the same things over & over again! If I see an interesting topic come up, I will take a look at it at times.

I actually did that with this Spark topic. I saw the clip before this thread appeared on the forum. I watched part of it at least. Thus, I was scratching my head about the title of the thread before I even opened it.

Sticking to what was said in the clip only, I don't think anything was way off base. Some may find the Spark to be a cute little city car. Appearance-wise, it doesn't come across that bad. I don't think any of us taking a new one for test drive would be that repulsed by it. Having said that, it has some questionable reliability issues. That's also addressed in the clip. Jatco's reputation is tainted, & it may deserve that? It's even mentioned that a manual Spark may not be all that bad, too.

Personally, I prefer the 3-cylinder charm of the 5-speed manual Mirage. I value economy over extra horsepower. Price-wise the cars are not all that different. The Spark does have some good things going for it. First of all, all four trim levels offer a manual transmission. If you like a manual, you don't have to settle for a base level car. Secondly, Chevy dealerships are everywhere. Most towns of any size have a Chevy dealership. I felt like I had to buy my Mirage from a dealership 4 hour away. That probably wouldn't happen with a Spark. For some people, having a nearby dealership is important to them. Mitsubishi doesn't offer that feeling for anyone in my area.

I don't have to bash a Spark to feel better about my Mirage. If people like to buy their cars locally, I can see why the Spark would appeal to them. Both cars offer things a little differently, & that's ok. If the two cars were identical, I would own a Spark, too.