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Thread: Retailing Used Cvt's

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    Retailing Used Cvt's

    Plan to tackle the CVT fluid change soon. I do admit its annoying to need to complete the service so soon. For fun I researched used Mirages 14-19 models, (100-150 mile radius) researched certified models, and paid attention to Mirages being re-sold at Mitsu franchises. In my search I saw none with CVT services above 30k meaning if I could view the carfax and see all services no flush, no nothing. One had a new trans at 90k.

    Will complete the service since the CVT is the weak link.

    Don't expect a mom-pop, or non mitsu dealer to care... what I find interesting a Mitsu dealer doesnt complete the service to retail a used Mirage? Even one owners serviced at the dealer from day 1 into higher mileages do not show transmission services.

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    So when you do your cvt service do you think it's now gonna show up when you do a carfax? I hate to burst a bubble but dealers are in business to make money. How would servicing a car before selling it to make it last longer be good for business. All that would be accomplished is money and time spent on a car you'll never make back. Sad but true..... Ideally a dealer would have the full history of every car they sell. But when a dealer buys a car that's been repo'd 8 times, there is a slim chance that's gonna happen. And who knows maybe the cvt was just serviced recently?
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    Yeah carfax shows oil changes, brake jobs, etc but no cvt servicing in its records. That's why I would only buy used under 50k miles and get the cvt serviced immediately.

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