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Thread: Shift knob and short throw

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    Shift knob and short throw

    Well first question is does anyone know the pitch of the mirage for the shifter. I loved the baseball shape of my evo shifter so I think I will be putting one of those on. Is it the same as most the other Mitsus. Since this one was built in Thailand they may have used diff stuff. My dsm and the evo were both M10x1.25.
    Second question I've been looking around and haven't found anything for a short throw shifter. Don't get me wrong I know what this car is for but I really don't need a 10 foot long throw to get my car into gear. So if I can't find one soon I will probably do the old school way and chop it short then weld on the threaded area.

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    I haven't heard of any. At this point I'd imagine that DIY would be the way to go. If you do, please take some pictures and share your progress with us.

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