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Thread: Testing OEM block heater: how hot after how much time plugged in?

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    Scan guage II on my truck shows minimal temp increase while idling in cold weather. Truck only gets to proper operating temp when you start driving it. With a block heater, same thing, but gets to proper operating temp faster. I paid attention to those numbers last winter, but I don't remember exact details now. My conclusion was: don't bother idling at all (unless windows are still frosty)


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    Quote Originally Posted by Fummins View Post
    I might try just that. I have a that I have to get into the shop this morning. It's -33C(-27F-Feels like -42F) right now and the car isn't plugged in. It's been sitting outside since last week(waiting for a rear wheel bearing to come in).

    I have a feeling the green cold engine light is still gonna be on after 5 mins. Cold is a very relative term.
    It's like the banana belt here to compare. About +3C, maybe more. Don't think I'll try the idling test. I do enough cold weather short trip stuff as is. I am curious how much faster the Temp light will go out with 3l of oil @194F. Much faster I bet than 4l of coolant that's not uniformly heated.

    I remember as a kid my grandad heating kerosene! on the wood stove to make it more flammable, I guess.

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