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Thread: 2014 Mirage with 414,520 miles / 667,105 kilometers @ White Bear Mitsubishi, MN, USA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirk Diggler View Post
    I emailed Richard at White Bear to inquire if the 400k mile unicorn ever had the cvt or engine replaced and he answered back he didn't think so and would get back to me with further info. He never did even though I explained hundreds of inquiring minds from MirageForum wanted to know. In the article, they stated the wheel bearings and starter were replaced under warranty but well after 100k miles? Did they extend a warranty?
    It's not uncommon for White Bear to offer a lifetime/unlimited miles powertrain warranty for their vehicles, but I've haven't read the fine print for mine. Wheel bearings & starter wouldn't fall under a power train warranty. Owners may have paid extra for more warranty coverage, too?

    I had the same thought as you about all that. Regardless, the 414,000 mile Mirage is a good example of the durability of these small cars. I had my reservations at the time of purchase. The fleet of cars Fummins was taking care of eased my mine at the time, & that's still the case almost 4 years later now.

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    Off the top of my head with this car @414K miles and the "cheap plastic car" here (is it still owned and operated by the forum member?) statistically our rides should be good for an average of 400K miles (560K klicks),

    A larger sample size would help of course (it's not like Mirages have sold Corolla like numbers) but time is showing how good these little cars were engineered and assembled. I'm proud and happy to own 2 of these little beasts.
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    Commenting here after just seeing the title. Haven't read the story or other comments yet. My first thought is "wow, that's some A+ upkeep/maintenance on that vehicle. Nicely done."

    Now I'm on to read about how he did it and pick up some tips.

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    BTW Richard is the owner and one terrific guy with an an amazing staff. we went there to buy a car for my wife outlander sport, Richard help use while my sales rep Sunny Yoke (real name) him and Richard know sign language to deal with a couple with hearing issues. that day every sales staff assisted us and he has an amazing team there! Last summer we took advantage of the St Paul Saints Free tickets and i got to see my brother in the first time in years but its probably because of my heart failure in March 21.

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