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Thread: Car Loan Rates these days, what is a good rate going into 2021??

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    I completely understand questioning why someone would pay more for certain things. Myself, I wouldn't buy a new fully loaded entry-level car. For many they just look at the monthly payment and don't know much about cars other than what the internet or friends/family tells them.
    Toyota good/Mitsubishi bad- seems to be they way most sheeple think. And that's fine. I used to think most imports were oil-burning junk heaps that rusted out shortly after their warranty expired. I also used to hate little cars and drove diesel trucks as commuter cars for far longer than I'd like to admit. If I had driven a normal-person-car instead I "could have" saved a ton oh money. Oh well...Lesson learned eventually. Now I have a mid-life crisis minivan lol

    What's a triplex anyways, a 3-level house with separate suites on each floor?

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