Okay, now that I bought more seats, I really have a problem with too much stuff. So the original seats to my black 2015 Mirage DE need to leave the storage shed and find a new car to call home. No cigarette burns, weird odors, rips, tears, etc. They're legit nice unlike so many of the DE trim cars out there. Bolsters are good on the driver seat as well, no rolling out wear on them or anything. The car had around 74,000 miles on it when they were removed. The airbags are all installed and no codes reported for any sensors or anything else. They are ready for YOUR Mirage DE (or ES if you want a lower sitting seat?) especially if you buy a used one that someone treated like a damn ash tray... this will fix that issue! I also just shampooed and steam cleaned the driver seat since I was going to use it in my basketcase project car but the low seating position really messes with my messed up back and knees.

$150 picked up. Can and will deliver for more money. Cant touch a full set of seats from a junkyard usually for under $300 especially with the side airbags inside them! I'll post pictures soon but you can see what they look like under my various garages of my cars haha.