View Poll Results: Would you have chosen the 1.0L engine if it were an option?

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  • Absolutely! Even better economy and enough power for me.

    43 58.90%
  • Hmm... I'd have to compare against the 1.2L.

    7 9.59%
  • Only if they turbocharge it!

    15 20.55%
  • Not a chance! 1.2L is as low as I will go.

    8 10.96%
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Thread: Poll: 1.0L Mirage engine = 7.5% better fuel economy. Would you choose it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wallythacker View Post
    You must be drag racing your 1.0 at every red light and leaving a long streak of rubber on the road. 25plus was claiming 27.x km/l or 81.1mpg IMP. Lol
    I drive economically, but no hypermiling.
    25plus is on the very top of the list of the most economical at

    Also to be considered: This car used to be more economical than it is now ever since it was "repaired" by a Mitsubishi dealership. Since that job, compression became much lower.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eggman View Post
    Sounds like a fun project. Think you'd ever do this swap?
    If I end up getting a house of my own I would just for the hell of it and A/C is overrated I drove a Geo for 6 years with no A/C. On hot days it sucked but that's what 360 A/C is for. I would have to swap the 5spd or the factory 3spd auto. I would need a complete engine with harness. I would build the engine though for more power and torque. lol I would first get a high millage mirage to make the swap worth it. You got me thinking now lol.

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