For those of you who got the 1.2, would you have bought or considered the 1.0 if it were available? You get a bit less power, but better fuel economy.

The 1.0L 3A90 engine is ony available in the Mirage / Space Star in Japan and parts of Europe. The Euro/Asian ratings for the 2 engines are:

1.2L 3A92 --- 57 kW (78 PS / 77 HP) @ 6000 rpm
1.0L 3A90 --- 52 kW (71 PS / 70 HP) @ 6000 rpm

So, roughly 9% less power. In North American spec, that would translate to roughly 67 HP instead of 74.

I would pick the 1.0 in a heartbeat. (I currently drive a 1.0L 5MT ... not a Mirage ... with about 50 HP, in a car that's only slightly lighter than the 5MT Mirage.)

Some auto reviewers even prefer driving the 1.0 over the 1.2 (but didn't say why): Mitsubishi go big on Space Star's small price (Ireland review -