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Thread: Long time lurker, First Time Poster!

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    Quote Originally Posted by inuvik View Post
    Unless I'm reading the second paragraph titled "Applicability" wrong it says: "original AND subsequent owner(s)"
    I looked up the warranty on the Mitsubishi Canadian website. It says the 5-year/100,000 km transfers, but it doesn't say anything about the the 10-year/160,000 km warranty transferring?

    That's why I ask, because I haven't seen or read anything that states the 10-year/160,000 km transfers to the second owner in Canada. I have read the 5-year/100,000 km warranty transfers to second owner, but I haven't seen the word "transfer" linked to the extended powertrain warranty.

    I am not saying I am right or someone else is wrong. It's just not clearly stated anywhere that I can see.

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    Yeah, that is pretty wishy washy on the website.

    Ignorance is bliss! I really thought/hope the 10 year was transferable...That's how I advertised my car. I'd feel like a dick head if that wasn't the case and the people who bought my car had the cvt crap out next week.

    Looking online I'd agree that you only get 5 year warranty up here, at least now. But the older warranty book I have here kinda looks the other way around.
    Either way, I'll take the black car in one of these days and mention the engine sounds like the white car and see what happens. It's way past 100,000miles but I didn't see a mileage cutoff for the recall?

    Here's the US warranty manual it's pretty clear and mentioned numerous times that the 10 year powertrain warranty only applies to the original owner and is not transferable. But there is no mention of this whatsoever in the Canadian manual. Only that the new car warranty is transferable.

    PS welcome to the op.
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    Sorry, don't know the answer about the Canadian warranty transfer. I used to think I knew, but the language is not clear. Maybe they're being vague on purpose?


    Welcome to the forum, Gingerfly!

    What the heck possessed you to buy a Mirage? Didn't you see what Doug Demuro said about it??


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