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Thread: 2021 Mitsubishi Mirage

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    2021 Mitsubishi Mirage

    2021 Mitusbishi Mirage Review
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    "We’re talking a car that can park almost anywhere in the heart of the city. A car that could shuttle you to the stores in a small town. A car that you rather get great fuel economy and just enough space for luggage or your gig set-up going between cities."

    A local automotive reviewer takes the 2021 Mirage for a test drive I didn't get the chance to see it but it's nice to read a nice review on it. SOO many small amenities that makes me want to grab a 2021 ES, haha. The seats look much better. The interior is much improved (compared to my 2015). Heck, even the 'body kit' looks sweet!


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    Good write up. Not sure what I think of the orange side skirt. Looks cool now, will I like it in 6 months?

    They say the 2021 hatch auto weighs at 2,095 lbs. I'm pretty sure my 2014 ES Mirage (no AC) is like 1,895 lbs. The Mirage is gaining weight! Ha not that much, but 200 lbs on a 1,900 lb body is what, 10% heavier. Just food for thought.


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