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generally , how are the bodies holding up? Is salt or any corrosive crap used on the roads?
Yeah they use salt and gravel here. The city used calcium chloride for a while....

The only rust that's gonna start poking through is on the rear 1/4 panels which Metro pointed out the other day in a different post. My own car is probably worse than the work cars. The paint is bubbling and flaking off but just on the left side.
Otherwise, there are just normal surface rust spots above the windshield and the front edge of the hood. Structurally there's nothing close to being worried about. Subframes get packed with ice and gravel but only have superficial rust, no chunks or flakes.

The floors on the work cars are likely gonna rot away. Some cars have a crazy amount of water on the floors come spring. Weathertechs would fix/prevent that but that's not gonna happen.