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Thread: Mirages/Space Stars spotted in the wild (pics! Not your own car)

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    I piss too many people off on here, with the way our wacko laws are here someone could call the cops say I'm driving drunk and I'll be hauled outside in cuffs until I can prove I'm innocent lol.

    There are way too many offended snowflakes out there with too much time on their hands for my liking. The only other reason is someone local could print off a picture of it, tape it over top theirs and fly threw photo radar 100 times. Now where's my tinfoil hat?

    My mom says I'm cool


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    Quote Originally Posted by timw4mail View Post
    Is there really a good reason to blank out the license plate numbers?
    I couldn't care less either way, but some people don't like it, plus it takes 5 secs to do. I'll post my plate all day long.


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    Down one Mirage, locally

    My little city is down one Mirage:

    Quote Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
    Attachment 13256

    2015 model that looks like it was the meat in a Mirage sandwich. F/R bumper covers are damaged.

    Attachment 13257
    This car appeared at a local used car dealership like this, and sat for over a year... and then it disappeared. They didn't fix it and put it up for sale. I wonder if they bought it at auction thinking they'd repair & sell it, and ultimately decided the numbers didn't make sense and sent it back to auction.


    I did see a blue base CVT car missing one hubcap this morning. That's big news for me! No pic, though.


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