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Thread: Spark discontinued in Australia

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    Spark discontinued in Australia

    Welp, this was old news, but I somehow missed it... or I forgot that I knew it. Either is possible.

    Spark axed in Australia

    In May of 2018, just 67 Australians bought a Spark, compared to a whopping 484 Kia Picantos (the segment leader). That's why they killed it.

    As a result, it appears the Mirage has slightly grown its market share in the city car segment, while the overall segment is still shrinking.

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    Funny that it's the opposite situation in Canada. In the last couple of years, the Spark has absolutely dominated the Spark/Mirage/Micra fight.

    EG: last month's sales

    Spark: 663
    Micra: 413
    Mirage: 96


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    Wow thats crazy that the Spark is winning in Canada. That car is so hated that even GM hates it. =)

    Its a completely inferior product compared to Mirage. I would wager that it has to do with SEO and Google search results. Goggle probably showing that hit-piece video from Dan Demuro on the first page of results.

    When I test drove the Spark in 2016 it was such a piece of shet. Underpowered golf cart with a fancy touchscreen radio is how I remember it. It was a toy, a joke and associated with General Motors reputation for reliability.

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