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Thread: Mirage cranks but no start!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Basic View Post
    It is shocking to me how many times this topic has come up and a simple search would have sufficed...
    So...this isn't a good place to ask what tires are best?


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    I got a 2024 Mirage ES, and I flooded it the other day.

    I was parked in, so I backed the truck out, started the Mirage, backed it out, shut it off, realized I was in the street still, started back up, moved it, shut it off, realized I was blocking the neighbors driveway, started it up, put it in reverse, then the engine died. Then I tried to start it, and it cranked a long time, then it started and was at 200 RPM, running very rough, the throttle didn't help, then it died.

    Then I put the foot to the floor, cranked it, and it started up at a low RPM, then it went to 6,000. So that did work.

    So it does happen on the 2024's. I need to add, it was about 40F, or about 5C outside.


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    Interesting lock dot 2. It makes me realize, and makes me wonder if I'll remember, to let off that throttle quickly when starting a flooded engine. I realize that the foot to the floor puts the starting procedure in a "flooded" mode (probably not explaining that right, but I'm guessing you know what I mean). However, at some point (probably soon) after the engine "starts" that mode probably changes from flooded mode to floored mode. I hope I realize that if I ever flood mine.

    Makes me cringe to think about a dry engine hitting red line upon start. Course, yours wasn't exactly dry as you had started it a couple times already. Anywho...


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