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Thread: AC Recirculate Playing Up

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    I agree the manual controls are 100% more user friendly. You can see with a quick glance if the ac light is on or not. You can switch from defrost to vent or floor or a combination of them by turning a dial. With the auto controls you have to find the mode button then press it repeatedly until you get to what you want, then click one too many times and have to do it all over again while looking at the tiny little icons.
    I couldn't be bothered to count how many presses it takes to get between each selection.
    I have used the auto feature a few times but prefer to control fan speed myself. That's one thing I hate about the wifes kia's is the stupid temp controls always go to 2/3 fan speed every single time you start them up. Regardless of what position they were in when you shut it off. I complain about it every time I drive it lol.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Eggman View Post
    Or the operator can simply set their desired temperature and let the automatic climate controls take care of the rest. The only change I would recommend is to shut off automatic air conditioning to save fuel and wear & tear on the AC compressor.
    You guys are tripping my OCD. Here's just one of the flaws (in my opinion) with the "automatic" climate control. This perspective comes from living in the dirty dirty (south). Any place hot and humid (like Houston) would be the same.

    At high noon, you strap on your 6 shooter and head to lunch. Open the car door in August and it is 140+ in the car. You have to leave your windows closed (when parked) because in the summer, pouring rain can start nearly out of the blue, and be done in 10 minutes with the sun back out. Assuming the car was left on "AUTO" and 72 (for someone who believes in the Auto climate control). In the case of the Mirage, it goes to 1 bar short of full blast upon initial crank up. Of course I don't know that for sure because the AUTO setting doesn't cut it for me. Don't know why it goes 1 bar short, but whatever. Back to the AUTO 72 scenario ... as the coolant warms up, guess what? The A/C temp that I want throwing snow out at me because it is still very hot in the car, starts going up. Why? Because at a setting of 72 the "Automatic" climate control is blending. And, in the same time zone as the coolant starts warming the fan speed starts dropping.

    I'm a dude, not a 90 pound girl. I stay hot longer. It takes much longer for a big fat boy to cool down that it does a 90 pound scrawny girl. Nothing wrong with 90 lb scrawny girls though.

    When the fan speed starts dropping, I have to push the fan speed back up. Which kills the automatic function. And then I realize part of the problem is the air coming out is not cool enough, then I'm backing the temp down. Then I'm like "F'it, I want snow." And I push the temp all the way down (beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep) and the fan speed all the way up (beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep). Hence, I've completely abandoned the "auto" climate control.

    I have driven around most of my life a) in the dirty south, and b) with manual temp control. Guess how I run my A/C in the summer? Upon initial crank of the car, I slam the fan speed to HI. That's all. Why? Because the A/C is already on, and the temp is already down to max cool. It takes 0.2 seconds to slam the fan to HI. Then after a few minutes, when I start finally cooling down, I back the fan speed down a notch. Simple, easy, quick and very effective. Every time I find myself maybe a bit cool, the fan speed goes down 1 notch. But A/C stays on. And the temp setting stays down on max cool.

    Let's say my drive is 2 hours long. At some point, I reach an equilibrium. Meaning, the fan speed has slowly been dropping a notch at a time until it is maybe the 2nd notch from the slowest ... but the A/C is ON, and the temp setting is on max cool. And I'm as comfortable as I can be. And it will remain in that setting for the duration of the drive. And I remain perfectly comfortable with it that way.

    Does the Auto A/C do that? No. Not even my $86k Lexus LS 460L. It's AUTO HVAC system SUCKS. It must have been tuned to work well for 75 pound Japanese females. It doesn't work for an AM99. I would imagine it doesn't work well for most American men. I do not like to feel warmed A/C air coming out of my vents when it is 95 outside. For one thing, when really cold air is coming out of the vents, I hazzard to guess it is dryer than warmed air. I could be wrong but that's my guess. Part of the function of an A/C system is to dehumidify (dry) the air. A human body produces sweat. Even if it is a very small amount that one may not even notice. Sweat cools the human body NOT by existing on the skin, or running across the skin (dripping sweat). Sweat cools the skin as it EVAPORATES off the skin. That evaporation process carries heat away. That's the function of sweat. If the air touching the body is dry, aerosol sweat (not even noticeable) evaporates readily and the person feels cooler. If the air touching the body is humid, the sweat tends to remain on the skin and collect. Leading to feeling sticky, or having sweat beads running. I don't like it when sweat beads run down my crack. I prefer it evaporate before doing so.

    So, dry arctic air is preferred inside my cars when I'm running an A/C. None of this warmed up, barely moving pooh. That's my lesson for the day gentlemen. Sock me in the nose if you wanna!


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    I never use the "auto" function and just set it to 72F and turn on the AC and adjust the fan speed up or down based upon my comfort levels. No muss, no fuss.


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