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Thread: How much effort to change a clutch?

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    How much effort to change a clutch?

    In the past I have changed clutch plates on numerous 1.0L Suzuki Swift (Metro), the record was 90 mins from between driving into the garage and driving out with the new clutch. All by myself without help.

    I am wondering, does anybody have any experience swapping a clutch plate on a Metro and also on a Mirage?

    How does the job on the Mirage compare to doing it on a Metro, particularly effort and time wise?

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    I can't see it being more difficult than a swift or metro. And similar to a cvt but with less wiring and no torque converter bolts.

    Remove axles, clutch cable and shifter cables, probably battery tray, upper transmission mount, dog bone mount, maybe the lh inner fender?, starter, bell housing bolts. Shouldn't have to drop the subframe(suspension crossmember). There is enough give in the upper engine mount to drop it down a bit without tearing any wiring, exhaust or hoses.


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