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  1. Aerodynamics of the new Mirage (0.27-0.31 drag coefficient varies with options)
  2. 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage / Space Star exterior photos and pictures
  3. Exterior dimensions - 2013/14 Mirage/Space Star - technical drawings
  4. U.S. and Canada-specific Mirage rear bumper (different from other markets)
  5. Mirage side skirts - Philippines aftermarket seller
  6. Mirage body kits and modifications (photos)
  7. New Aftermarket Mirage body kit from Thailand
  8. Anyone using LED lights in their Mirage / Space Star?
  9. ANy australian here to help me
  10. High Spec Mirage Spoiler GLS fit with sport spoiler
  11. 1993 Mirage S coupe parts swap... HELP!!!
  12. Bike Rack - 2013 Mirage (hitch-mounted approach, minus the hitch)
  13. Request: Pictures of the under carriage and additionals.
  14. Aerodynamic wheel spats & Mirage
  15. Vented hood
  16. De-badge (update: rear badge is double-sided taped on)
  17. DRL lamp LED replacement
  18. anti rust treatment (corrosion warranty?)
  19. Body & Exterior Sticky Index (look here for good info)
  20. Body & exterior aftermarket parts index
  21. front black molding
  22. Carnauba wax or Paint Sealant (ex: Cilajet)
  23. Roof Rack for Mirage?
  24. Lamp/bulb sizes inventory
  25. New looks for little investment (Pics of your Mirage mods welcome here)
  26. Front License Plate
  27. Fog lights
  28. Mirage eyelids
  29. MY new space star
  30. Roof Rack
  31. This bumper - OEM or aftermarket?
  32. This is AMAZING! LOVE it!
  33. HIDs
  34. Security System (protection from itchy hands)
  35. Mudflaps and aerodynamics
  36. Plasti dipped my front bumper
  37. Daytona Yellow Body paint
  38. windshield frame cover popped off due to external wind
  39. Side Window Deflectors (M2562854)
  40. Looking for global-market rear bumper cover and assembly
  41. Mirage Carbon Bonnet / hood
  42. What is the use for this little hatch at the front?
  43. Beyond 3m?
  44. [Tutorial] How to: Plastidip (Various Parts/Articles/Tips)
  45. Lighting mods- questions.
  46. Aftermarket side turn indicators (front fenders)
  47. Wiring diagram help needed
  48. Paint flaked off from debadging - how to fix?
  49. Prepped my new 2014 Mirage
  50. Got a short antenna at AutoZone for $9
  51. Quick question... colour names (plasma purple or pink or mulberry...)
  52. Taking care of your exterior
  53. Mirage trailer hitch/receiver: Curt 11394 Class 1
  54. Mirage Hood Guard
  55. Wrapping a Mirage
  56. Done with the front of my 2014 Mirage
  57. Death to flies - why does it not come like this stock?
  58. Mitsu missed out
  59. Charlie's Video Guide: 2014 Mirage - Removing Front Fascia/Bumper, Fly Screen Install
  60. Protective sticker marks are visible
  61. Roof racks, roof baskets
  62. Mudflaps: Minihaha, please answer the courtesy phone
  63. Where To Mount Ham Radio Antenna
  64. Knifeless custom vinyl installation
  65. Is this normal for the Mirage G4's rubber strip on its roof?
  66. Jalopnik muses on the plasti-dipped EVO style Mirage grille treatment...
  67. Anyone wax their windows?
  68. My Mirage
  69. Easy Ordering body kit
  70. Airbags disabled, see dealer
  71. LED interior lighting package
  72. DIY - Looking good for the long haul! (Rust protection front/rear wheel well areas)
  73. Front lip spoiler?
  74. Paint quality issues.
  75. DIY - Looking good for the long haul! (Rust protection front/rear doors)
  76. Aftermarket sunroof installation on/in an ES?
  77. Some New Decals for the Mirage
  78. front license plate screws
  79. Headlight mods? I am clueless!
  80. Psudo DRLs (daytime running lights)
  81. Passenger Wiper (arm is "bent" upward on Canada/U.S. cars?)
  82. My HID Retrofit
  83. fuel door latching
  84. DIY - Looking good for the long haul! (Rust protection for the rear hatch)
  85. Fog lights
  86. Eyelids
  87. UV glass?
  88. How does the painted part of the side mirror come off? (Removal for painting)
  89. New car dryer
  90. 3m paint defender
  91. DIY - Looking good for the long haul! (Rust protection for the inner rear quarters.)
  92. Spotless rinse system
  93. Tinted windows
  94. Miss paint near my interior panel
  95. honda wheels ??
  96. New owner needs advice on wiper blades
  97. Plastidipped my fog lights/DRL
  98. Rectangular Box Under Spare Tire Housing
  99. Fog lamps
  100. heated mirrors U.S.? (Canada has them)
  101. Mitsubishi logo color change
  102. Charlie's Experience With Touching Up Paint Scratches
  103. Anyone seen this chrome grille installed on a car?
  104. auto folding side mirror
  105. Fog Lights? (Installing fog lights on existing factory wiring?)
  106. condensation in headlights
  107. Plastidiped front bumper and parking lights
  108. Aftermarket tail lights?
  109. Number plate holder/ bracket from EVO X
  110. Tow Hook?
  111. Transponder Key blank
  112. My Horn Is Terrible - Here's how I made it better.
  113. Mirage G4 Front Grille Removal
  114. Various rattles - glove box, speakers, cargo area
  115. Bumper bras and ordering paint from the factory?
  116. Aftermarket Taillamp
  117. front license plate ideas?
  118. New headlight bulbs! (Halogen upgrade)
  119. Fog light bulb replacement adding a hid kit
  120. Roof Rack hitch rear bike rack Not sure what to get
  121. Possible rust concern - something to watch out for.
  122. Mirage black painted headlight interior housing - "Joey mod"
  123. How to: remove Mirage/Space Star front & rear plastic bumper covers
  124. New 2 Me Product Review: Meguiar's Ultimate Quik Wax + Mother's Back 2 Black
  125. Fog Light Lens
  126. Stock windshield wipers
  127. Detailing Guide
  128. Car Washes
  129. LED headlights!
  130. HID Headlights & LED Fogs!
  131. LED headlight install
  132. Rear box
  133. Rear diffuser experiment
  134. Wiper fix / upgrade
  135. How do you fix scuffs/scrapes?
  136. Rear Window Glass
  137. Wood Panel Look...
  138. something I saw on another Mits website...cool idea
  139. Side Impact
  140. Broken back light of mirage
  141. Nose bra for Mirage
  142. Ordered touch up paint - enamel
  143. Paint durability
  144. Curb light?
  145. fog lights on with hi beams?
  146. AutoZone fog light install
  147. Rear bumper clips
  148. Do You Still Slam the Door?
  149. Should we be lubricating the fuel door catch?
  150. Removing door trim (side moldings)
  151. Rear Wiper Replacement
  152. Fender flares for Mirage
  153. Daytime running lights
  154. where find front door glass?
  155. Bangkok Shopping :D
  156. keyless entry.. lock/unlock
  157. Door Dings!!!!!!!!!!
  158. Swirl X Review - Removing DISO by Hand on 2014 Mirage Paintwork
  159. Windshield washer mod
  160. need to vent....
  161. Anybody have a part number on the JDM rear bumper?
  162. Tail light Question
  163. Plasti-Dipping emblems
  164. Undercoating issues
  165. Angry Jelly Bean Exterior
  166. Debadge
  167. Rear bumper
  168. Has anyone installed OEM rear spoiler?
  169. bumper plugs, etc.....
  170. Fix your "fender-bender" with boiling water (video: Mirage bumper fixed)
  171. Video showing to mold damage out again...
  172. Front fender popped off, how to pop it back?
  173. Exterior Mods Gallery: pics of Mirages with exterior/body customization
  174. Daytime Running Lights - What No One Tells You
  175. Rally Fog lights
  176. DIY: Front License Plate Bracket
  177. No front cover emblem
  178. Custom fiberglass eyelids
  179. LED headlights woo
  180. Anti Corrosion and Perforation warranty
  181. Brake light gone out after 2200km
  182. Fog light grills (Old school)
  183. replacement side mirror (passenger)
  184. Paint thickness Mirage
  185. Front aftermarket tow hook
  186. How To Wash Your Car Like The Pros
  187. Rival Autosport Front Splitter and others
  188. Rust on front tire joints?
  189. Remove the whole front "Video" (DIY front fascia/bumper removal for bug screen)
  190. What's the difference between cloud white and pearl white?
  191. Headlights for Space Star / Mirage
  192. Antenna
  193. How to replace a rear side door...with pics!
  194. Crappy fragile paint!!!
  195. Light Bar Mount?
  196. Windshield Wipers Dimensions missing?
  197. Metallic paint close ups
  198. Mits Accessories Site (Australia)
  199. Article on DIY aero testing
  200. Instagram StanceLotus
  201. Fender flares help
  202. Rock guard for fog lights
  203. Washer Nozzle Spray Pattern?
  204. DIY rust preventative products & options
  205. Hood protector bug shields
  206. Vinyl Wrap?
  207. Headlight Armor for Mirage
  208. Fender Bender Advice
  209. Wiper arm removal?
  210. Cheap fog lights?
  211. Suggestions on headlight protector
  212. Engine compartment, bottom cover
  213. Magnet Bra
  214. DIY R5 external looks now possible in North America
  215. B Pillar Black tape part #
  216. Tow hook size?
  217. LED Fender Side-marker
  218. DIY: 2017+ Rear Reflectors swapped to LED's
  219. DIY: 'Carbon Fiber Look' Emblems (or anything you want to get the look)
  220. Rewire fog lights
  221. Found! Cheap OEM Skirts
  222. Ding repair? Who to use.
  223. Carbon fiber wrapped hood and exhaust.
  224. Paint pen application guide
  225. car accident repair question
  226. Passing wires through firewall
  227. Turn signal enhancement
  228. How to remove Mitsubishi side window deflectors?
  229. Debadging Mitsubishi Tri-Star Emblem from back hatch?
  230. OEM Side Skirt
  231. Engine wash
  232. Whats the part number anyone know?
  233. Headlight Adjustment
  234. Service Manual
  235. DIY: HID Projector Retrofit
  236. Spoiler loose?
  237. RalliArt Mitsubishi Mirage 2017 and Forward Collision system
  238. Exhaust idea plus questions.
  239. Replacement left side mirror
  240. Anyone try these 'daytime running lights'?
  241. Hit a truck tire coming home from a road trip
  242. Fog Light shopping help!
  243. help drl and turn signal setup
  244. Mirage Stock Tow Hook Insert (With Pics)
  245. How can I remove the anti-glare cup/cap from within the headlights?
  246. European License Plate
  247. Fog Light Help!
  248. Mirage Mudflaps
  249. Front license plate mount
  250. Removing hood washer sprayers help