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  1. 2014 Mirage gas mileage: best MPG in its class in U.S./Canada
  2. 2014 Mirage fuel / gas tank capacity (and max. highway range)
  3. Australia - new Mirage fuel economy ratings
  4. 2013/2014 Mirage mpg / fuel economy ratings by country (Space Star also)
  5. 1.0L Mirage/Space Star: best non-hybrid fuel economy in Japan (JC08)
  6. Mirage 1.2 economy run contest: Bali, Indonesia (video)
  7. Your Mirage has TWO fuel economy gauges, (A & B) in the multi information display
  8. Rally driver gives fuel economy tips for driving the CVT Mirage (Video)
  9. Mirage economy run Thailand: 31.9 km/L (3.1L/100km, 75 mpg US) 5-spd
  10. Speed vs. mpg/mileage/fuel economy chart - Mirage 1.2L 5-spd and CVT
  11. New Zealand Mirage economy run: 3.3L/100 km (30.3 km/L, 71.3 mpg US) CVT
  12. Mirage fuel-economy driving tips
  13. How wheel & tire size and style affect Mirage fuel economy/mileage
  14. Video: Malaysia economy run Jan, 2013: 27 km/L avg; 30.6 kmL top (3.3 LHK, 72 mpg US)
  15. Fuel consumption on my new mirage 1.2 GS Malaysia
  16. Distance run south of France, 1.2 5MT: 5.3 LKH (44.6 mpg US) up to 130 kph (81 mph)
  17. 2014 Mirage 1.2 vs. Ford Fiesta 1.0 ecoboost - which has better mileage/fuel economy?
  18. U.S: 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage 5-speed manual mileage/MPG
  19. Mirage mileage instrumentation (odometer showing 2.5% less than actual )
  20. Finally!! (Surpassed the 21 km/L rating for Malaysia)
  21. Accuracy of the Mirage fuel economy gauge / MPG display: 4 owners say "pessimistic"
  22. Swiss long-distance record for Space Star 1.2: 3,38 l/100 km! (69.6 mpg US)
  23. Eco Drive Day in Austria: 3.20 l / 100 km (73.5 mpg US, 31 km/L)
  24. Question about testing - Why does USA have such higher numbers?
  25. What would get better fuel economy/mileage: Prius C or Mirage?
  26. bump starting after engine off coasting
  27. Engine Brake when cruising downhill (does it use more fuel in B?)
  28. Engine RPM at 70 mph? (120 km/h)
  29. How does the Mirage fuel economy compare with mazda 3 1.6
  30. Fuel Economy of the 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage (EPA website - USA)
  31. OBD2 Torque app for android and the mitsubishi space star
  32. Amazing 30 km/liter on my 2013 Mirage GLX CVT (3.3 L/100 km; 71 mpg US)
  33. Mirage CVT or 5-speed: which should you get for best gas mileage/fuel economy?
  34. Coincidental laugh: the comic beside the 2014 Mirage newspaper review
  35. Mazda SkyActive in 2014 Mazda 3
  36. Mirage vs competitors MPG chart (US EPA ratings)
  37. 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage 40 MPG Gas Mileage Test (GreenCarReports.com)
  38. Fuel Economy / Gas Mileage Sticky Index (look here for good info)
  39. Mirage rated 64 MPG highway in Canada, 44 MPG in the US? WTF?!
  40. Gas mileage/MPG test: 2014 Mirage CVT vs. 5-speed (sub/urban Ottawa route)
  41. Idle vs Engine Restart?
  42. 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage vs. Geo Metro MPG -- fuel economy showdown
  43. City fuel economy - just wondering (getting 6.8L/100 Km = 35 mpg US/14.7 km/L)
  44. Save 25 Watts (or more) LED lights mod (brake, tail, side markers, plate, etc.)
  45. Smooth wheel covers
  46. MirageForum Fuel Log stats: 19 Mirages, averaging 42 MPG, 17.9 km/L, 5.6 L/100 km
  47. Warm Air Intake
  48. Engine Block Heater for 2014 Mirage?
  49. gas installation after market
  50. Mirage averages 70 mpg (US) / 3.4 L/100 km / 29.7 km/L in six ecodriving contests
  51. Any CVT tips?
  52. Fuel Economy (northern US winter highway mpg?)
  53. Philippines: Mirage G4 sedan economy run (winner: 33.6 km/L / 79 mpg US / 3 L/100km)
  54. Ecomodding, winter/ghetto edition! (big Mirage grille block)
  55. Suggestions for tame eco-mods?
  56. CVT Mirage owner from Austalia ... not getting rated fuel economy
  57. Spring weather lets MPG climb?
  58. Low fuel indicator
  59. Scan Gauge Price
  60. Green Car Reports: Real-World 40 MPG-Plus Possible, Mirage Owners Say
  61. Hybridcars.com : Mirage 74.1 m.p.g. in Mitsubishi Motors' Extreme MPG Hypermiling ...
  62. Vgate Bluetooth
  63. MPG-O-MATIC , great site for the gas mileage enthusiasts ( or not ) . Go to ...
  64. Fuel economy MID photos
  65. First tank = 402 mi = 50 MPG
  66. Fuel economy versus tracking driving behavior
  67. Youtube : Fill ups for '14 Mirage ES w/ C.V.T. of 50+ m.p.g. , go to
  68. Best way to get best fuel milage?
  69. Video: Mitsubishi USA's "Extreme MPG Mirage hypermiling contest"
  70. Manual V CVT in the real world?
  71. 2015 Fuel Economy? (Changes in Canadian fuel economy testing)
  72. Did this doing throttle-and-coast on the highway, Monday morning
  73. Gas Mileage Picture thread ; Let it be shown (trip computer pics of great MPG)
  74. Octane rating vs. fuel mileage which is best?
  75. First long road trip
  76. Air Conditioner Effect on MPG (tested at 65 MPH)
  77. World Cup flags
  78. 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage Exceeds Canada's Energuide (fuel economy) Rating
  79. Can you stop the engine with the start/stop button while rolling?
  80. getting better mpg,s
  81. How to get best MPG on my new Mirage 5 speed? Can I get 50 mpg?
  82. Who will hold the MPG crown next year?
  83. Awesome usage on fuel
  84. 2015 Mirage fuel economy ratings revised in Canada
  85. Mirage aero mods for better fuel economy: 4.5% improvement @ 90 km/h / 56 mph
  86. Cool feature from Dodge (active grille shutters)
  87. First fill-up
  88. Full grill block for 20 minutes drive?
  89. Scan Gauge Alternative
  90. Real MPG
  91. Loosing to Yaris on Fuelly!
  92. New air dam
  93. Efficiency/Economy comparisons to Honda Fit
  94. Overall MPG setting?
  95. "Eco" dummy light
  96. Decel fuel consumption
  97. With fuel prices dropping, what's going to happen to Mirage sales?
  98. Kamm extension
  99. Why isn't the Mirage on the U.S. EPA's "best/worst" MPG list?
  100. Low Fuel (gauge flashes well before empty)
  101. ECO light (not turning on)
  102. What is the WORST fuel economy you have gotten?
  103. Mirage G4 and hatch to challenge fuel economy record
  104. More Power, Better Mileage, Faster Acceleration
  105. UK: What Car? ranks "real MPG" of small petrol/gas cars, Mirage places 3rd
  106. Worst tank ever
  107. MPG variances in fuel log (trying to decide between used Prius or Mirage)
  108. Disabling a/c compressor on defrost
  109. DIY cheap removable partial grill block
  110. Electric Element in Heater
  111. New Mirage Owner Question (city fuel economy)
  112. Observed Mileage (around -18 C / 0 F)
  113. Is Accumulated Milage Indicator Accurate? (MID fuel economy / MPG gauge)
  114. I completely regret buying the Mirage! Chose the wrong transmission.
  115. Scan Gauge, Ultra Gauge, and others MPG tracking
  116. 2013 prius vs mirage
  117. Easy modifications - 45mpg (DE Manual -- PSI, undertray, more)
  118. 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage ES 5 speed manual vs 2014 Mitsubishi i-MiEV ES
  119. Low Fuel warnings
  120. CVT owner seeking MPG advice
  121. ES Push button start.
  122. Effect of coasting in Neutral on MPG display
  123. fuel injectors
  124. Bigger tires anyone? (also: speedometer/odo correction?)
  125. Can one learn to drive the CVT in way that matches the manual's fuel ecomomy?
  126. Whats your avg MPG driving 70MPH?
  127. Before I trade my CVT for a manual can anyone offer any advice???
  128. Replacement mirrors
  129. Rain Guards on, and AVG mpg pic
  130. Fuel reading
  131. Is there anything that might better the Mirage MT fuel economy in the real world?
  132. benefits of using 100 octane fuel on mirage?
  133. Carbon footprint of producing the Mirage vs. the Prius
  134. Just traded CVT for manual and now have a new (unanticipated) problem...
  135. Rain Deflector Question
  136. So what is the Mirage's secret? (As efficient as a lighter, smaller engine Metro)
  137. Side skirts!
  138. Your take on tire pressure? (For fuel economy)
  139. Imagine if Mirage technology had been combined with Geo Metro simplicity!
  140. Mirage cracked 100+ MPG on a 20 mile round trip!
  141. How long till the fuel status will stable?
  142. Upcoming Trip
  143. Spreading the word about the Mirage's MPG
  144. Mpg 101
  145. Ever ran empty?
  146. Impressed with real life fuel economy
  147. Auto Stop and Go
  148. Modifications - Fuel tank (increase capacity / volume?)
  149. Fuelly MPG Comparison: Mirage vs. Spark vs. Fit vs. Yaris
  150. An interesting observation on fuel economy
  151. Higher tire pressure -> lower MPG??
  152. Do you prefer to use less fuel, or get better MPG
  153. Kill switch?
  154. Fuel Mileage meter A: averages over what distance?
  155. Accessory hitch mount fuel economy cost?
  156. Mitsubishi recommended up shift speeds
  157. Fuel Economy Comparison 2006 Civic Hybrid VS 2015 Mirage ES With CVT
  158. Blocking front grill
  159. 2017 Mirage EPA numbers (changed from 2014/2015?)
  160. Ultragauge Users
  161. Cruising Speed "Sweet Spot"? (for best fuel economy / MPG)
  162. New Record (low) for fuel mileage
  163. REGEN braking (via alternator control programming)
  164. e15 blends
  165. effect of air conditioning on fuel consumption
  166. fuel economy/ space star 2015
  167. Converting a Mirage to run on CNG / LPG
  168. Lol
  169. 2017 Mirage MPG/fuel economy rating on EPA site (lower than last year/ revised test)
  170. Most Fuel-efficient Vehicles - According to Natural Resources Canada
  171. Average Fuel Economy Display (A vs. B setting)
  172. So far, so good - Averaging 4.1 to 4.7 l/100km (51-57 mpg US)
  173. ScangaugeE vs. Ultra Gauge vs. BT OBDII/Android
  174. 2017 Mirage/Mirage G4 EPA numbers are out
  175. Only getting 20 MPG on new 2015 Mirage RF
  176. carbon fiber mirror delete
  177. Really, really ridiculously good gas mileage. (for me)
  178. ECM Reflash and the ECO Light
  179. Ethanol and gas mileage
  180. lowering the final drive, aka "nerd gear" for better fuel economy/MPG
  181. K & N Air Filter
  182. DIY Fuel Economy Maintenance
  183. fuel quality impact on fuel economy
  184. Mirage G4 sedan MPG vs. Versa, Accent, Sonic, Focus etc. in the US
  185. Has anyone tried further reducing weight for MPG?
  186. Mirage takes 7th place in Eco Run 2016 fuel economy challenge (PH)
  187. Stop start system swap/install?
  188. What are you getting out of a tank?
  189. Top Tier gas : Healthier for your vehicles . Go to ...
  190. Annoying Mileage Discrepancy (lower MPG in new Mirage vs. old Mirage)
  191. Mirage G4 sedan mileage report: 51 MPG US in local driving (CVT)
  192. transferring fuel log data to new owner
  193. how to increase mpg in my 2015 mirage 5 speed
  194. Mitsubishi Mirage G4 / Attrage Fuel Efficiency Test: 62 mpg US = 3.8 L/100 km (hwy)
  195. Topping off the Mirage G4 gas tank: bottomless pit?
  196. 2017 Mirage sedan vs. 2009 Civic hybrid MPG showdown!
  197. marvel mystery oil
  198. Ways to decrease rolling resistance with brand new tires?
  199. Article: The Five Most Fuel Efficient Non-Hybrid MY 2017 Cars Available In The U.S.
  200. MetroMPG
  201. Mitsubishi Mirage fuel economy/RPM at certain speeds
  202. Temperature and Fuel Economy
  203. Euro 5 Fuel
  204. 70 mph
  205. 93 octane
  206. Fuel Economy Report
  207. 43mpg on the button. 2nd tank.
  208. Amazed on how much this car saves gas
  209. wiper block
  210. DFCO explained measured and how to utilize it
  211. Accuracy MID B Gauge
  212. Mileage on the rise!!!! 46.9 on the tank.
  213. Faulty Fuel gauge on my 2013 mirage
  214. High Elevation - Is 87 octane still necessary?
  215. Full tank vs. half tank (effect on fuel economy?)
  216. Crappy highway mpg
  217. New 2017 GT Mirage with poor mpg
  218. Biggest mileage on 1 oil change
  219. Horrible MPG (was getting 37 mpg, now 27)
  220. Rpm drop while accelerating from a stop
  221. Winter Starts All the Way Through Summer- Mitsubishi Service said Nothing was Wrong?
  222. Warm Air Intake - Intercooler as an intake heater
  223. 50 MPG Mirage club - are you in it? (4.7 L/100 km)
  224. SO my lofty fuel economy goals are obviously out the window.
  225. Fuel mileage "80+ mph.
  226. Scanguage II or Scanguage E?
  227. DIY: Install a 1000W circulating block heater & accessories / goodies
  228. Impossible fuel mileage.
  229. DIY: Warm Air Intake Air box tube to exhaust manifold
  230. DIY: Coroplast grill block
  231. Mirage excluded from "most efficient" list... Spark beats it on a technicality
  232. Fuel Economy this Winter Has been Extraordinarily Bad. What Should I do?
  233. High consumption fuel
  234. Air conditioning settings for fuel efficiency
  235. Mirage vs G4...
  236. The Most Fuel-efficient Vehicles you Can Buy in Canada Today
  237. The effect of using cruise control to accelerate on fuel efficiency
  238. We're always in search of more MPG...
  239. Developing: Exterior mirror blanking / delete plate 3d printed
  240. Not bad turd car not bad.
  241. Finally ran a 700km tank
  242. My 50 MPG story
  243. MPG w/ Fat Tires and an ECU Tweak
  244. I put 2oz of rain x windshield additive in coolant!
  245. Florida Fuel Economy Run
  246. Alternator delete with regen braking modification for better MPG
  247. G4 2000+ mile road trip MPG report
  248. Bought a Kia Niro hybrid as 2nd car - blows my Mirage away
  249. Not Bad so far: 46.5 MPG (580 miles in my first week)
  250. Scanguage II issues