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Thread: Is our tire expert still around and active?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7milesout View Post

    As for the K&N intake, I hadn't heard anything good about it in relation to the Mirage. Not saying others haven't reported anything good, I just have read that myself. I have seen oil analysis (unrelated to the Mirage) that report increased silica count (I think that's what it was), which silica just means dirt, getting into the engine oil immediately after installing a K&N air filter. I used a K&N on a racebike, but wasn't expecting to put many miles on that engine. I won't use one on my personal vehicles.
    I go as cheap as possible for cabin air filters, but I don't skimp on engine air filters. K & N would be my last pick for an engine air filter however. Watch the Project Farm engine air filter test. The K & N performed poorly by a wide margin.

    Project Farm's engine air filter test (skip to the bar graphs at the end if you don't want to watch it all) -

    I tend to buy the Wix from, but there are others that are good, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7milesout View Post
    My passenger (only 1 passenger at that time), didn't enjoy that bounce. It was over railroad tracks that looked smooth, but proved otherwise when I went flying over them.
    Ditto, there are a mean mean set of railroad tracks I can't avoid at times and my Mirage will bottom when empty at anything higher than the legal limit.

    I have seen oil analysis (unrelated to the Mirage) that report increased silica count
    That's an eye opener! I ran nothing but K&N on my Kawi Z1's over the years. TBH, I've never done in-depth digging on K&N since the whole internet thing.
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    You would think oiled cotton would be hard to beat. That's what I get for thinking.

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