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Thread: My first 4k mile impression of the blue magoo...

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    Smile My first 4k mile impression of the blue magoo...

    I drive at least 87 miles a day. I have two possible routes I can take. I take the toll road route on the way in because it has no lights and I get off 200 yards from my destination. This is where I dream of an eco 5th gear or that maybe the cvt would of been best for me. This drive I avg 52 mpg

    I have a few places to be at in the morning before my day job. That is 7 miles of lights and stop and go traffic. This doesn't bother me I perfer a manual transmission. I work my 8-10 hours and head home.

    This route is all lights but at the time I leave work I can catch the lights and get some great mpg. If all flows well I can get 58-60 mpg . The way home. I avg 40 mph and get mostly green lights.

    So how do I loke the car?
    1.The engine for me is a gem. It has all the power I need and is great on gas
    2.The 5sp I wish had a eco 5th as an option at dealers.
    3.The seats for me are just fine. If I wanted 15 way power I would of bought something else.
    4.Highway feels is ok. Always going to be light feel and get blown around a little. I drive early enough not many cars on the road.
    5.Size of car is perfect for me. I sometimes have 2 of my kids and wife in the car.This is still fine for day to day driving. I log most miles by myself.
    6.Driving feel? What I would expect if not better than something in this price range and size. Feels and drives better than all the late 90's civics we have so many of running around.
    7.Fit and finish I think they did a good job. Switch gear moves with a solid feel, seats don't seem like they will fall apart., the hatch for me is a huge convenience, paint seems to be of good quality, the radio for entry level is fine, shift lever feel is what I would expect
    8.Visibility is great out of car is great.little to no blind spots.
    9. Mirrors are sized right for the car. Not to small witch I hate

    This is car i wish i had for the past 10 years. Some of those.....
    1.2006 pontiac gto 6.0 6sp
    2.2007 Nissan sentra cvt
    3.1991 Ford mustang 4cyl auto great car
    4.1989 Ford mustang 5.0 v8 5speed
    5.2010 Hyundai elentra 4sp auto. Traded for mirage.
    6.2004? Chrysler pacifica 4spead auto
    7.2010 chevy traverse still have and great family hauler
    I am sure I missing a couple.


        click to view fuel log View my fuel log 2014 Mirage DE 1.2 manual: 47.8 mpg (US) ... 20.3 km/L ... 4.9 L/100 km ... 57.4 mpg (Imp)


        click to view fuel log View my fuel log 2014 Mirage DE 1.2 manual: 42.9 mpg (US) ... 18.2 km/L ... 5.5 L/100 km ... 51.5 mpg (Imp)

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    Thanks for the update! Are there any rattles or unusual noises you've noticed after 4k miles?

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