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Thread: Used Vehicle Review: Mitsubishi Mirage, 2014-2018

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    Used Vehicle Review: Mitsubishi Mirage, 2014-2018

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    Here's a balanced used Mirage review/buyer's guide (peppered with links to this forum).


    The real appeal of the Mirage, as a used buy, is its highly affordable pricing with access to some remaining portion of the vehicle’s lengthy powertrain warranty. [...] Mirage should prove cheap to run and easy to own, though shoppers should take steps to confirm [it's in good condition].
    The good:

    Owners appreciate mischievous manoeuvrability, a flexible cabin, thrifty fuel mileage, good high-beam performance after dark, and relatively refined highway driving manners. Mirage is also loved for being cheap to buy and cheap to fuel.
    The bad:

    The writer suggests used Mirage shoppers should pay attention to:

    • rear tire wear
    • AC
    • brakes
    • warning lights
    • misfire
    • airbag recall
    • howling sound (wheel bearing)
    • FAST key issues

    Read the full review:


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    I don't have time to read the article yet, but i already like that they don't list "dangerously slow" or "no power" as cons.
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    Very informative and even-handed appraisal of a used Mirage. To be fair to the car, though, most of the things the author lists as things to specifically watch out for and check on the Mirage...should be checked on ANY used car. The rear alignment problem is really the only widespread issue these cars have. The others he linked to were mostly isolated, and the front wheel bearing issue...if I recall...was limited to a car that had been lowered.

    Unlike most professional reviewers, this fellow seems to understand who the car was intended for when new, and also who might be interested in buying it used.

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    Alex16 had a bad wheel bearing:

    Howling noise at certain speeds (Solved: bad front wheel bearing)

    This was before towing a Chevette with his Mirage.

    So I towed a car with my mirage.


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