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Thread: Mirage as a cheap hotel?

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    Mirage as a cheap hotel?

    Has anyone crashed out in their Mirage overnight?

    The details could be interesting

    where was it?
    what was the weather?
    did you have blankets, pillows, etc?
    were you comfortable?
    would you do it again?

    anything else you can add

    I'll go.

    No, I haven't. Next.

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    I have not slept in the Mirage yet but I have brought it camping during a weekend trip through PA a few weeks back. I had too many people to fit so the tents worked out better. If I was to sleep in it I would remove the back seats and try to get an air mattress in but that is for a max of 2 people.

    As it was I camped out in a state forest in PA (free) and filled up the air mattress with my 12v pump. It was a clear night and very comfy as usual with blankets and pillows. It was very light camping considering it was mostly just to avoid paying for a hotel.


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    I took the Mirage to Florida last year and drove from NE Ohio to central Alabama. Crashed in a rest area with the driver's seat reclined and slept pretty good.
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    I had a falling out with my old lady and crashed in it. I had 2 pillows and a sleeping bag. Push both front seats all the foreard, dropped the 60/40 split and slept fetal position diagonal wise. I woke up stiff, but its doable. The dome light is easy to reach. Becareful not to punch in your back seat cloth, its flimsy.

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    I bet if you took out the passenger seat (at home) then it would give you a decent amount of space to sleep Front to Back

    The whole idea of sleeping in the Mirage instead of paying Hotel sounds interesting. But if you could find an AirBnB in one of the smaller towns for $20 per night then I probably would just do that.

    Im talking about for travelling (long roadtrip)

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