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Euro-Super 95 is what every new petrol (gasoline) car in Europe is made for. It is often abbreviated as "Euro Super", and comes in two varieties. E5 is most popular, containing 5% alcohol. E10 is less popular, and contains 10% alcohol. Both E5 and E10 are rated as better than 95RON and 85MON. RON and MON are standardized measuring methods. Lead in fuel is illegal. There is no "regular" kind of gasoline sold any more, only super, that being EuroSuper 95. A few brands do sell gasoline with a higher octane rating than the official standard, but it is very expensive and draws few customers.
The MaxxMotion variants for example, have a higher octane rating (100ROZ) for petrol, and a higher cetane rating for diesel fuel, and also a very distinctly elevated price.
I am planning a trip to Dublin in April 2020, coming up, and one idea I am tossing is renting a car for a few days, to see the countryside a bit! Thanks foama and Space Wolf for this information

So Euro Super E5 is my regular gas I will then use to fill up my rental in Ireland. All assuming it's a regular gas car like a Mitsubishi Mirage, or Nissan Sentra.. whatever. Good to know!