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Thread: Zel :: 2018 Mitsubishi Mirge ES (Garage entry)

  1. General Information
    Mirge ES

    She's a work in progress, and a trooper. Almost all OEM parts.

    - OEM cruise control
    - Fog Lights


    Working on getting the dents and scratches out. Afterwards, it's getting plastidipped or wrapped.

    - Tinted windows (darker tint coming soon)

    Finishing up dash, trim, and headliner painting.

    Just finished retro-fitting OEM Carplay Radio.
    Rockford Subwoofer system


    Needs cleaned up from aftermarket parts removal.


    OEM Steelie Tire with Aftermarket hub cap. PlastiDipped.

    Looking for OEM 15" rims and tires.

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